Why Choose a Montessori School?

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For parents considering a private elementary school for their child’s education, the term “Montessori” may have come up in their research, but not all may be aware of the benefits. At Head’s Up Early Learning Institute, we have embraced this approach, building off the work of Dr. Maria Montessori to design a curriculum that encourages students both in the classroom and beyond. Listed below, are a few key principles of a Montessori education that our curriculum explores.

Embrace the Abstract:

Using the Montessori approach children learn through an exploration of the material with activities and discussion rather than a strict lesson plan. Your child will experience their education will all five senses. Through hands-on projects, peer to peer tutoring, and discussion, your child will learn traditional subjects including math, writing, language, as well as music, and art to develop both creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills

Focus on their Potential:

Montessori focuses on the child as an individual, rather than test scores. At ELI, we embrace that no two children are the same, and provide a curriculum that allows students to learn at an individualized pace.  Teachers observe their progress and adjust their approach to meet the needs of the child’s learning style and personality. As they grow, they become more self-aware and confident in their skills and inspired to discover more on their own.

Encourage a Love of Learning:

With the Montessori approach, students are allowed the freedom to explore a variety of subjects and focus on topics that interest them. Montessori takes the child’s education from beyond the classroom to help them realize their strengths and nurture their curiosity while also encouraging valuable life skills that will act as a strong foundation for their future.

For families in the Palo Alto, San Jose, & Pleasanton, CA area, interested in exploring the Montessori approach, please free feel to give us a call or visit one of our campuses today!


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