HeadsUp!® Centers

The quality of the teaching staff is amazing from the Infant/Toddler room up through Preschool/Kindergarten.  You can tell that the cost of tuition goes towards retaining the top quality staff and providing programs such as Spanish, Mandarin, and Music time that would be considered "extras" at other facilities.

By Julie N., Yelp

Our son has developed a love of books and learning.  We appreciate the Montessori methodology and in our experience it definitely helped our son.  He was also able to get some Spanish and Chinese immersion learning as well as his favorite Friday morning music time.

By Chris T., Yelp

Our son began attending HeadsUp! at 18 months and has had a wonderful time in both the infant/toddler and twos rooms.  The teachers and staff are loving and caring, the facilities very nice, and the curriculum excellent.  By his late twos, our son was counting in three languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin), producing wonderful art projects for us, and knew the name of every planet in the solar system!  All while building bonds with other children his age, learning important social interactions in a safe environment, and just plain having fun.

By Mike G.,Yelp

My children are leaving the center with more knowledge and growth than I ever expected.  I feel truly grateful for the experience my children had in their younger years.  This school was one of the best decisions we've made for them.

By Michelle M.,Yelp

After reviewing a few other full time day cares, we found this place to be the most structured for learning and safety. I thought at first that we'd try it out for awhile, and then look for a cheaper daycare after some time. However, when my son started being able to sing and sound out his alphabets faster than his cousins I thought that the extra money was worth it.  The value of the center is that the opportunity to excel is there for your child to learn while you're at work.

By Vince W., Yelp

I remembered my older son when at age 3 came home and talked about volcanoes and the different layers of the earth. My younger son also taught me the different shapes and scientific names of clouds. He told me how thunder and rain were formed. When at age 5, my older son knew how to spell and draw the different triangles: Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene!

By Kitty M., Yelp

Between our 2 kids we have 9 years with the center. It is a phenomenal place. Most caring teachers, amazing curriculum that is incredibly well rounded and an overall stellar experience for parents and teachers. Lots of time taken for personal attention and holistic development.

By Karthik S.,Yelp

The teachers and caregivers here will know and love your children. They are your partners. They will listen to your needs and concerns. They will tell you stories about your children with such sincere joy or pride, that you will swear they thought they were aunts or uncles.  The parents at this school are well educated and savvy consumers of child care.  We continue to bring our children because we trust that this school offers our children the best.

By Rebecca D., Yelp

Since my child has left HeadsUp I have received numerous compliments on how socially mature she is compared to her peers. She thanks the teachers at the end of the day and hugs them. I attribute this entirely to HeadsUp and the way they teach the children. We could not be happier with the results. My child learned an immense amount and came out very well adjusted. My child has a strong personality. But at HeadsUp she learned how to behave with respect for others. She also learned letters, numbers, science, art, and some mandarin. Also, they had regular lectures on child development and parenting which any parent could attend.

By Michael M., Yelp

Emerson & Hacienda Schools

I can entrust my child to the school because my child's experience (inclusive of academic results and soft skills development) makes me feel confident that the school, the curriculum, and the teachers collaboratively empower the children to develop a well-rounded disposition.

By Sandy W., Yelp

The school has a great idea for you: 9-hr school days - with art, music, P.E., etc. and NO HOMEWORK - so you can pickup/drop off outside of normal work hours. And there are ~250 school days per year - no summer, winter, or spring breaks - but you can take vacations whenever and for as long as you like because there is no classroom curriculum to fall out of step with (Montessori means individual learning plans for core classes), and they are in school enough to allow your child to excel.

By David K., Yelp

Great elementary school.  Lots of individual attention, enriched academics, very serious sports every day, great art and language programs.  After 1 year of Chinese (part of the tuition) my kid speaks Chinese!  Great social environment: my daughter insists on going to school even when she is really ill and has to stay home watching TV and playing all the computer games she wants. Highly recommend.

By Svetlana S., Yelp