Teaching Practical Life Skills at Emerson School

Written by Christina Trujillo

Parent involvement is an integral part of our program. Parents help us out in many ways throughout the year; from getting us to field trips and helping out with projects in the classroom. It is very common for children to design projects to explore their own interests but here at Emerson, our parents also love opportunities to come in and share their knowledge and passion with the children. Our students in turn also learn to appreciate and care for their parents and others in our community.

One of our Emerson parents has always been complimented on her creative and beautiful lunches that she prepares for her child using simple day to day ingredients. She kindly volunteered her time to teach our students the art of making food that is not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. Under parent guidance, our students worked collaboratively and cooperatively to julienne carrots and bell peppers, cut cucumbers in interesting new ways and learned how to use grapes and raisins to create works of edible art.

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Our Upper Elementary students first learned how to create the snacks and then they mentored and assisted our Lower Elementary students as they learned how to prepare the foods. Three kinds of snacks were made and then shared with all of the students and teachers from both our elementary and preschool program.

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For Mother’s Day, our students helped to prepare a special Mother’s Day breakfast, complete with pancakes, fresh fruit, gifts and decor.


Our Father’s Day event went a step further, as students not only prepared lunch for Fathers and themselves, but they also developed lunch menus and went on a shopping trip to our local Safeway to purchase the items necessary to make sandwiches and snacks for our Father’s Day Picnic.

Creating, Caring and Sharing are integral parts of our Montessori based program here at Emerson School!

Christina Trujillo

Christina is a Senior Administrator at Early Learning Institute, a Palo Alto-based organization that operates child care centers and private schools in the Bay Area—including the HeadsUp! Child Development Centers in Palo Alto, North San Jose, and Pleasanton, Emerson School in Palo Alto and Hacienda School in Pleasanton—and offers writing programs for school-age children.

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