How to Apply

HeadsUp!® Centers do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, or religion. They do not administer admission tests as part of enrollment, but they do consider other factors, including the level of parental support, in determining the appropriateness of a particular admission.

Families are urged to arrange to visit a program before applying because application fees are non-refundable, except under certain very specific conditions.

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Applications are accepted according to the following priorities:

  • Siblings of currently enrolled children
  • New applicants from Corporate Sponsors and Members
  • Other new applicants

Within each group, applications are prioritized by the date of receipt. Centers reserve the right to adjust the priority based on the needs of children and/or their age distribution. Barring reservations by a child's physician, unsatisfactory previous experience in child care, or another significant concern, every child is considered eligible for enrollment.

To apply, a completed Application must be submitted to the director with a one-time application fee of $200. The fee will be refunded only if the center does not accept the child for enrollment within 15 days before or after the date or range of dates specified on the Application, or earlier if the date is acceptable to the family. The selected date may be changed once only at any time before enrollment is offered, but the priority will be adjusted to reflect the date of the change.

If enrollment is not offered within the period specified, parents may (1) withdraw the application and receive a refund of the fee, or (2) request enrollment “ASAP,” retaining the original priority date, but forgoing any future refund. Parents have three days following an offer of enrollment to complete and submit an Enrollment Agreement and to pay the last month's fees as a permanent deposit.

Once a deposit is received, a child is considered enrolled and all policies regarding withdrawal, late penalties, etc., become effective. In addition to the deposit, the first month's fees must be paid on the first of the month in which the child will begin attending the center or immediately if the month has already begun.


HeadsUp!® centers provides a minimum of a nine-hour program that meets the needs of most working parents. It is offered on a five-days-per-week basis only. Unlike other centers that close during holiday periods, HeadsUp!® centers maintain year-round contracts with teachers.

Fees are based strictly on chronological age, not on program placement. The basic fees are based on a standard nine-hour day. Additional care is available in half-hour per day increments.

The tuition fee includes all charges. No additional fees are charged for center-supplied materials or activities (with the exception of materials development fee for the Chinese immersion program). A younger sibling of a child enrolled in the center or an ELI elementary school receives a 10% discount on the scheduled tuition.

Since all operating costs—salaries, rent, insurance, and so forth—continue during holidays and when children are absent, the centers do not reduce tuition as a result of planned or unplanned absences.

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