Interested In A Teaching Career? Join the HeadsUp! Team

We seek teachers who:

  • Enjoy guiding and interacting with children at all levels—social, emotional, and cognitive.
  • Understand that children must learn to become their own teachers and that, at best, we can excite them, pique their curiosity, give them emotional support, and serve as role models.
  • Want to manage and mentor others and work as a team to implement a coherent educational philosophy and curriculum.
  • Believe that there is a better way than that encouraged by bureaucrats, politicians, and unions.

In sum, we are looking for talented, creative people who love learning and want to participate in a community of learning.

Our staff members work schedules that are typical of normal businesses, with traditional holidays and paid time off to schedule personal vacations. We offer a wide range of benefits that would be typical of a business employer. We give our head teachers two hours per day of preparation time, with the expectation that all obligations can be completed in an eight hour work day. If you have a teaching degree, consider joining our team for an invigorating and rewarding career!

We provide:

  • Health, dental, and vision plans
  • Child care and educational discounts
  • Paid time for jury duty and bereavement leave
  • Seniority and meritorious sabbaticals
  • Retirement plans
  • Training and development support.

Current Openings

We are always looking for qualified substitute teachers.
Please submit resumes to