Author Margaret Zhao to speak at HeadsUp! Pleasanton

Written by Christina Trujillo

Join us on Thursday, August 27 at 4:30pm at Hacienda (HeadsUp! Pleasanton) Child Development Center for an entertaining presentation by award winning author, Margaret Zhao. Margaret will be speaking about her book Really Enough; a True Story of Tyranny, Courage and Comedy. Books will be available for author autograph.
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This astonishing, intimate memoir charts one woman’s daunting struggle for survival, freedom, and forbidden love. From her life as an Enemy of the State under Chairman Mao to her culture shock with the “American Dream,” Margaret’s personal triumph will make you laugh and cry. Really Enough will open your world and write itself into your heart.

Margaret Zhao is an author and poet, born in HuBei China. She immigrated to the USA in 1989. In collaboration with her co-author, Kathleen Martens, Margaret wrote her first book “Really Enough”, winner of the Sharp Writ Book Award, 2012 for Best Biography / Memoir; her second book is a book of poetry titled: “Humor Haiku,” in both English and Chinese. Margaret’s natural sense of humor has led her to be a Standup Comedian and Motivational Speaker applauded by audience of all ages. She lives in the San Francisco area, where she actively teaches and shares Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy.

玛格丽特赵, 美籍华人, 祖籍中国湖北公安, 当代作家、 诗人, 1989 年移居美国, 现居旧金山地区。主要作品有回忆录《Really Enough》荣获 Sharp Writ Book Award, 2012 年传记类一等奖, 合著作家 凯瑟琳马丁。她的第二本书是诗集《幽默徘句》中英双语。玛格丽特的幽默天赋使她成为备受观众欢迎的幽默演说家。近年来, 她还积极开展中国传统文化和佛教推广工作, 搭建 中美文化交流平台。

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Event Info:

Thursday, August 27 at 4:30pm
Hacienda Child Development Center (HeadsUp! Pleasanton)
4671 Chabot Drive
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 463-2885

Christina Trujillo

Christina is a Senior Administrator at Early Learning Institute, a Palo Alto-based organization that operates child care centers and private schools in the Bay Area—including the HeadsUp! Child Development Centers in Palo Alto, North San Jose, and Pleasanton, Emerson School in Palo Alto and Hacienda School in Pleasanton—and offers writing programs for school-age children.

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