HeadsUp! Bilingual Education Programs

Two-Worlds™ Approach

Our innovative curriculum features an intensive introduction to Chinese language and culture with equal emphasis on English and American culture. It provides a rich bicultural experience that prepares students to succeed in two worlds, American and Chinese while respecting the important and enduring differences between the two.

Students work individually on “skill” subjects (e.g., language, math) and in multi-age groups in “content” subjects (e.g., science, history). Chinese is spoken exclusively for the first three hours of the day; all teachers working with students during this time are fluent in Mandarin. In the afternoon, students use English for all subjects; all teachers are fluent in English or both languages. The student-teacher ratio never exceeds 10:1.

The Chinese portion of the curriculum focuses primarily on spoken language, with an introduction to simplified characters and a phonetic system using the Western alphabet. The cultural program includes modern and traditional history, art, crafts, music, and dance, as well as modern cuisine, manners, and forms of physical exercise.

The English portion of the curriculum exposes students to a variety of subjects that are essential to Western humanism and rationalism – including philosophy, literature, and history of thought – as well as traditional American values of individualism, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

This program is offered at all three of our HeadsUp! child development centers.

Offered to students in grades 1-8, Hacienda and Emerson’s Two-Worlds™ Approach features intensive instruction in Chinese language and culture. The language curriculum focuses on both spoken and written language using simplified characters and pinyin. The cultural curriculum includes modern and traditional history, philosophy, art, crafts, architecture, music, and dance, as well as modern cuisines, manners, and physical exercise.

Students are grouped by language ability in multi-age groupings. All teachers are fluent in Mandarin. The student-teacher ratio does not exceed 12:1.

This program is available at Emerson School in Palo Alto and Hacienda School in Pleasanton.

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